23 - 25 October, 2018
Privathotel Lindtner, Hamburg, Germany

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Next Generation Lithium-based Battery Technology

Fraunhofer showcases different types of Lithium-based batteries and their advantages in the long and short term, including the Lithium-ion polymer battery packs (120 cells at 40 Ah) used for the propulsion of the Airbus eFAN prototype, solid-state batteries, Lithium-Air cells encased in a protect ...

Hybrid Electric DEP Systems Inch Closer

This article examines the status of the move togreener aviatio ...

Speed up for More Electric Aircraft

Whitepaper by Vacuumschmelze on new soft magnetic Cobalt-Iron material for lightweight and high speed electrical motors

Weight Reduction in Electric Aircraft

Electric Motors in the air: Slow climb to viability

More Electric Aircraft electro-mechanical actuator regenerated power management

Dr. Christopher Ian Hill shares his presentation on the topic: More Electric Aircraft electro-mechanical actuator regenerated power management.

Attendee Snapshot

Inside you’ll learn:Who attended MEA Hamburg & Seattle in 2016Which industries were represented at the eventWhat the job function and seniority of attendees wereWhere the biggest investments will be in the futureWhat regions and markets will pla ...

Honeywell Maps the Path to Affordable MEA

This presentation by Honeywell Chief Engineer Electromechanical Power Systems, Evgeni Ganev, serves to highlight the benefits of MEA and how we can achieve these with a comprehensive to do list of component- and architectural solutions for overall cost reductions in More Electric Aircraft. < ...

Safran on MEA Technology

Safran on MEA technology challenges and opportunities:Research and technology activities in MEATechnology challenges and opportunitiesPropulsionby John Batchelet, Chief Engineer Electronics Safran

Main challenges for the development of hydrogen-powered aircraft

Where do you see the main challenges for the development of hydrogen-powered aircraft? Josef Kallo, Coordinator Energy Systems Integration for Electric Aircraft at Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- & Raumfahrt answers all important questions.

MEA: Will aircraft manufacturers disrupt or die?

Lessons from Small Electric Aircraft for More Electric Aircraft by Franco Gonzalez, Senior Technology Analyst IDTechEx

Press Release MEA Europe, 2017

Press Release More Electric Aircraft Europe 2017

Honeywell maps the path to an affordable More Electric Aircraft

More Electric Aircraft will offer a lot more benefits than just reducing the carbon footprint. Download the presentation here.

Hybrid-electric distributed propulsion systems: More electrification, less emissions.

The "More Electric Aircraft" market will grow from USD 7.68 Billion in 016 to USD 10.94 Billion by 2021. Read here what market research companies forecast.

Interview with Dr. Hao Huang from GE Aviation

Read here where GE Aviation sees the main challenges in Electrical Power Systems for More Electric Aircraft

Power Electronics for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

by Mark Solveson, Lead Application Engineer, ANSYS, Inc.

Parallel Hybrid Gas Electric Propulsion Design Space - a presentation by the United Technologies Research Center

Charles Lents, Principal Research Engineer at the United Technologies Research Center, shares his presentation on parallel hybrid gas electric propulsion design space.

Clean Sky 2: objectives and program status

Antonio Vechhio, CS2JU Project Officer for Systems at Clean Sky, offers his presentation about investing in aeronautics R&Ds.

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